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How to Work When The Blue Angels are in Chicago

Honestly, how does anyone expect me to get work done while The Chicago Air and Water Show is in town? Starting on Thursday, the Blue Angels buzz past my window while practicing for the Saturday/Sunday show. Admittedly, working from home is usually very positive and quite productive...except for this week.

For someone who loves "fast machines" (jets, cigarette boats, F-1, etc), I couldn't have picked a better place to live/work. My building is one of the points used in the choreography for the show. This means that nearly every pass is right overhead. Seriously, I can clearly read "U.S. Navy" on the bottom of the plane.

As I asked earlier, how does anyone expect me to do any work when each time the planes pass by I run to my balcony to watch like it's the first time I've ever seen a jet?

Plan: Take computer and phone on the balcony and move my mobile office. When on a call with a client, apologize for the noise in the background (if in Chicago, they hear as well) and mention that this is the greatest city in the country, especially during Air and Water Show Week. Hopefully they agree and share that they wish they were outside watching, then set an appointment for lunch next week!

Let's see if this works. Gotta run (to my balcony), the F-22 Raptor is flying by!!!

Lisa P. Kahle hire EIQ | Principal (312) 771-3118 | Smart. Personalized. Recruiting.

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